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Well Hello there, fancy seeing you here!

A wise man once said "Just do it!, stop making excuses"

So here i am doing just that, i thought to start with i would do an introductory post and let you know a little more about me and how i came to be doing Reflexology.

I never knew what i wanted to do from school, notions of being a wedding planner never got off the ground. With my Primary School aspirations being to be a butterfly or an ice cream lady i ended up falling into office work.

There were definite aspects i enjoyed like the people i worked with, the social side of dealing with people in day to day business and being organised. However it wasn't something that sparked my interest.

When i fell pregnant with my second child it forced me to really analyse whether i wanted to go back into an office setting again.

After much discussion as a family we decided it was a good time to change direction. I couldn't of gone more out of my comfort zone if i tried. I chose to retrain completely in Reflexology and go self employed at the same time. My timing, as always was impeccable as the Covid-19 pandemic hit which meant it took longer for me to be able to finish my course due to restrictions. By the time i was all done i was due my baby at any moment.

Fast forward one year and here i am! It has been a steep learning curve and a massive juggling act and i'm learning more every day. However i truly love what i'm doing and i find it incredibly interesting and rewarding to be able to help people through my therapy techniques.

My hopes for this blog are to be able to document my journey and where my therapy business takes me, but also to pass on some nuggets to you guys of things that i've learned along the way. Whether that be business tips, life hacks, self care help or the like.

So to finish off this very first blog article i wanted to answer the most commonly asked question which is "What is Reflexology?"

Reflexology is the application of pressure to the feet, which has the entire body mapped out on it. By stimulating different reflexes, which correspond to different areas of your body Reflexologist's can help you to relax your body thereby allowing it to focus on healing itself.

It is deeply relaxing and a great way to unwind and de-stress.

That's all for today...


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