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Sun, Passports and fertility

Updated: Jul 24, 2022


Maybe not the most common combo but hey!

As a typical Brit I feel the need to comment on the weather! It has been absolutely beautifully hot and I’m loving it, I hope that you are all making the most of it as well.

We are at the moment awaiting passports to go away on holiday and it’s getting very close to our departure day and still no sign!

Desperately trying to contact every department possible at Her Majesty’s Passport office and being as kind and pleasant as possible without letting my panic show through. Hopefully it will all work out, as like many of you we’ve not been abroad in about 3 years and would just love a bit of summer sun. It would also be my sons first time on a plane and abroad.

One of my favorite things about Reflexology is the scope for learning. I love to learn.

Each time i get a client and they present me with something new, the first thing that i do when i get home is research it. I like to watch videos and speak to other therapists to see what they would do it really is quite fun.

So when i was approached to help out at a fertility and well being event i was over the moon as the opportunity for more research presented itself. I'm sure i will be popping lots of nuggets of information on social media at some point. Its a great exercise as it means i can help more clients if i have specific knowledge.

That's all for today, keep it short and sweet.


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